The team at the Whanganui War Memorial Centre (WWMC), led by Ken Carrick, provides support and expertise to ensure visitors and users of the WWMC are delighted with their experience. The team has worked tirelessly, with consideration and skill, to revitalise the venue into a centre Whanganui can be really proud of.

The WWMC, which opened in 1960, free of debt thanks to the support of the local community through fundraising and donations, is among the top 1000 architectural 'modernistic' buildings in the world and the top 50 in the southern hemisphere, it is both beautiful and practical and has served the community well ever since.

Ken and the team will work with you to help plan your event and ensure all the details are sorted, all the boxes ticked and every eventuality considered for your occasion.

This personal service is included in your rental fee, and you are always welcome to contact us for a no obligation quote. From 'how much and how many' right down to what suits your individual requirements, the team will ensure your event at the Whanganui War Memorial Centre is memorable for all the right reasons.


Ken Carrick

WWMC Manager
Tel +64 64 (6) 349 3275
Mob +64 (0) 27 212 0634


Kylie Wetherall

WWMC Event Coordinator
Tel +64 64 (6) 349 0513